Dawbies in Africa


27 Nov 2012


As our time in Namibia is drawing to a close, so too is most church & school activities for the year. Like Australia, Namibia has a long six week school holiday break at Christmas time, except the holiday goes from early December until mid January.

This Thursday will see the conclusion of the After School Program for the year. After spending each afternoon (Mon to Fri) at the ASP for the last three months, this will bring to a close a significant time commitment for us since our arrival in Windhoek in early September.

The recent Teachers strike (which lasted two weeks) took its toll on our numbers, however attendance has once again picked up in recent weeks. We get the impression that students & volunteers are now totally exhausted & looking forward to the end of the week!

Kate teaching at Bible Club

Two weeks ago in our weekly Devotions with Grades 1 to 4, we shared the Parable of the Lost Son from Luke 15:11-24. Before reading the passage from the Bible, we placed the story into a modern Namibian context. We told the children about God’s love for them, Jesus dying on the cross, repentance & forgiveness.

We explained that like the Father in the parable, God loves us greatly & is eagerly watching out for our return. We explained how we all sin just like the lost son, but through Christ we can repent of our sin, ask for forgiveness, & return to the Father. We explained that with Christianity there is no sitting on the fence, you are either with God or against Him.

Kate leading the singing (Colin Buchanan song - John 14:6)

We encouraged the children to consider what they had heard & if they would like to talk to one of the ASP leaders sometime about getting right with God, then that would be a great thing to do. Before we had even finished speaking, two of the girls said they wanted to stay behind & talk. Class was dismissed & eleven girls remained & said they wanted to get right with God!

We gathered them together, explained what it was to become a Christian & that it was the beginning of a life long journey. We then closed our eyes & prayed the sinners prayer together.        

“I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over than over ninety nine righteous persons who do not need to repent”.   Luke 15:7

We will be meeting with the girls over the next two days to encourage them in their walk & to provide them with some Scripture Union Bible Reading Notes.

It never ceases to amaze us how God is at work in people’s hearts. The ASP has now been running for eight years & continues to serve an important need in the community. It will be hard to say our good-byes come Thursday! 

After School Program Volunteers