Dawbies in Africa


01 Sep 2012

Clothes?              Check

Toiletries?            Check

Passport?            Check

Airline Tickets?    Check

Bible?                  Check

Excited about overseas travel?     Maybe

Confident of our abilities?              Not really

Hesitancy about the trip?               Yes

Trusting God?                                You bet!

Looking forward to challenges?     We think so

Second thoughts about the trip?    On occasions

A thought 3 years ago began a journey & that journey continues on Wednesday when we board a plane bound for Namibia! Where??? Namibia – South West Africa.  We will spend three months based in the capital of Windhoek where we will serve the Evangelical Bible Church.

People laugh when we tell them we have only been overseas once & that was to New Zealand 25 years ago (Ok go ahead). This might help to place in context the big step it is for us to get on a plane & travel half way around the world. It’s all a bit overwhelming & we feel out of our depth. It’s just as well God is in control & He looks to our availability & not our ability.

Why would we choose to spend our long service leave serving as Associate Missionaries in a developing country rather than tripping around UK & Europe? Does it make sense? Is it foolishness?

It’s a choice thing & it’s out choice! Under conviction of the Bible & under the power of the Holy Spirit, we choose to take God at His word & not conform to the pattern of this world.

Uncertain where the next three months will take us but we step out in faith & trust God to do the leading. Will you join us?