Dawbies in Africa


08 Sep 2012


We arrived safely & on time in Namibia: unfortunately our luggage did not! After 24 hours however we were joyfully reunited & could change out of our travel clothes:)

We have been surprised by the level of security in Windhoek. Many houses are surrounded by high walls (complete with electric & razor wire) & big roller doors.  All large shops in the CBD have security guards posted, as do ATM’s. On our first walk in the city, a young man ran past us at high speed following shortly thereafter by a security guard trying to keep up! We have learned to be cautious about personal security.

We have been well looked after by local missionaries & it has been a real joy to meet them & their families.  Two of the families arrived in Africa more than ten years ago & their initial postings were in rural villages with very basic conditions (read no electricity & running water). This was difficult to cope with especially with newborn babies in tow!