Dawbies in Africa


18 Nov 2012


During our time in Namibia we have been well looked after & blessed by other Christian Missionaries we have met. It’s been amazing & humbling to meet them, hear their stories & see how the Gospel has shaped their lives & destiny.

One English family (sending agency – Crosslinks) have three young children & have been in Africa now for 8 years. They were originally posted to Lesotho where they spent a number of years in a remote rural village without running water, electricity or a flushing toilet. They went as Bible teachers & continue to serve in this capacity now in Namibia.

Another English family (SIM) have four children & have now served in Namibia for some 16 years. Originally based in Rundu in the far north of the country, they are also pastors & Bible teachers. They both knew from a young age that they would serve God on the mission field & the rest is history.

An Australian family (CMS) from the Hunter Valley in NSW have been here for three or four years. They too heard the call to missions & moved half way around the world to serve in an Evangelical Theological College.

The head of our mission agency in Namibia (SIM) is from Germany & has served in Africa for over 25 years! She has recently returned from home assignment & is ready to serve for another term.

Another couple from Holland (GZB) have been in Namibia for four years & will stay for another four. They serve in varying capacities through distance theological education & in bringing communities in need into contact with communities with means. 

What do these people have in common? Their personal relationship with Jesus Christ has had a profound effect on their lives & compelled them to take the gospel to the nations.  They leave family & friends behind (not to mention comfortable lifestyle, secure jobs & a robust retirement plan) for the unknown, the uncomfortable & the uncertain.

Each Missionary has a support base at home where many churches & individuals give financially & prayerfully to ensure the gospel is supported around the world. They live by faith that their needs will be met & as you can see from above, they have been doing this now for many years. God meets their needs when they step out in faith.

As missionaries come & go from the field, often “things” are passed on between them. This can include rental properties, cars, furniture, jobs & even pets. Dogs & cats can suddenly find they have new owners!

It has been a humbling experience to be in their midst & share some special time with them. They have taken us under their wing to ensure we are travelling OK & we thank God for these faithful servants who know they are only sojourners on this earth.   

Sunset over Windhoek