Dawbies in Africa


04 Oct 2012


On the odd occasion we’ve watched TV (two channels to choose from), the following commercials have caught our attention:

One ad reminds people that it’s against the law to dump babies in garbage bins. This ad shows a baby doll crying whilst being placed into a large public bin. Although hard to believe, this is unfortunately a reality in Namibia that the Government seeks to eradicate.   

Another called “He loves me to death” warns people against domestic violence with a photo indicating a woman being strangled by her lover using a necklace.

Another has the catch phrase “A guy who loves you won’t mind using a condom”. This ad is pertinent in a country with high HIV / AIDS status.

Another warns people to be on the lookout for signs of human trafficking, which is a very large worldwide issue. Innocent people (often children & teenage girls) get trafficked across borders & the add remains people to be on the lookout for things that don’t appear right. 

Kate at our front door discussing life with some young Namibians