Dawbies in Africa


04 Oct 2012


During our first 10 days in Katutura the water was being cut off daily without warning from the local authority. It could be off for seven or eight hours at a time. Simple things like going to the toilet you needed to think about before you went. We got into the habit of filling up the kettle, water bottles & a bucket each night “just in case”. Thankfully things have now settled down.

We are now experts at hand washing. Routine is to have a bath & then use the same water to hand wash your clothes. Once washed you hang your clothes on the clothesline & they tend to dry very quickly. You do not however leave your clothes on the line over night otherwise they may not be there in the morning! Namibians also do not hang their underwear on the clothesline so you leave these to dry inside.

Ever seen a fridge with key locks on the handles? Food is a valuable commodity in the developing world & one you need to protect in certain circumstances. I wonder if fridge locks would go down well in Australia for different reasons?

Notice the key locks on the fridge handles?