Fischers in Peru

It's the little things

05 Oct 2021

One of the things we really enjoy about Peru are the local eateries.  The BBQ chicken ("pollo a la brasa") is amazing!  Let's be honest, 1/4 chicken in Australia isn't much of a meal.  But here in Peru the things are closer to the size of turkeys, and so a 1/4 chicken is actually adequate!

Then there's the "chicharron de chancho" -- deep fried chunks of pork... and for lovers of dead pig, it doesn't get any better than this.  Of course it probably takes a week off your life span with every mouthful, but who cares... there's a resurrection coming and as the good apostle put it, "nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving".

Did you notice the nice little touch on the signage, though?  Given that the animals are being cooked up and eaten with gusto, they actually seem unfeasibly happy and cheerful!