Fischers in Peru

Salinas Moche

01 Jan 2022

Two weeks after the exhausting trip to Maqueruyo (I spent all of Monday zonked out on the couch or in bed), I accompanied Ben on a similar ETE gig to another high-altitude town, this time the pueblo of Salinas Moche.

Road between Arequipa and Salinas Moche

Above: Journey up the mountain side between Arequipa and Salinas Moche.  Roberto (ETE coordinator) is wisely taking a back seat.

Below: Ben checking out the main plaza, Sunday morning.  The place was absolutely deserted because the night before there had been a rip-snorting fiesta going until about 3:00am.  Note the Catholic church building with Moorish-inspired touches.  Maybe Spain isn't that far away after all?

Main Plaza, Salinas Moche

At 4300m, basically the same altitude as Maqueruyo, I was expecting another bout of altitude sickness and maybe another freezing night.  But thankfully my body seems to have begun adjusting to the altitude a bit, so the headaches and appetite loss weren't anywhere near as bad.  And the weather wasn't quite so cold, which really helped!

Herd of llama, Salinas Moche.

Above: Herd of llama on the outskirts of town.

Below: Winds whipping up the salt from the dry surface of the lake.

Salt storm, Salinas Moche.

As with the trip two weeks previously, the purpose was to encourage the ETE students in the region, organise next year's course of study, and generally just have a great excuse to get together.  Most of the students live in distant villages, so meetings like these give them the chance to socialise and enjoy fellowship together.

Below: Student receiving her grades for the year.

ETE student receiving her grades for the year.

For the people in these regions, Quechua is their first language.  And so most of the discussions, the teaching, and the meetings for the weekend were conducted in Quechua.  Naturally this included the music!  Here's a video of one of the songs from the Sunday morning service:


Below: Ben serving the drinks at morning tea.

Morning tea at Salinas Moche

Sunday after lunch we headed back to Arequipa.  A few ladies hopped aboard for drop-offs to their homes along the way:

Catching a ride home, Salinas Moche.

Lots of spectacular views on the way back down:

Volcano 'El Misti'