Fischers in Peru

Spuds R Us

13 Feb 2022

Peru is known as the land of the potato -- and a visit to any supermarket or open air market will prove it.  The number of varieties that have been produced here over the centuries is amazing.  Here's the Mercado (Market) de San Camillo, Arequipa, with mounds of potatoes of all shapes, colours and sizes for sale in the stalls to the right-hand side of the photo.

Just the other week we noticed a most amazing and colourful variety... and we just had to buy a kilo to try:

Isn't that just the most unbelievable looking spud imaginable?!  We asked the vendor at the stall what you do with them, and she said that they're best simply sliced up and put in a stew.  So that's what we did -- and the result?  Well, this is going to sound a bit daft... but they tasted VERY potato-ish!  The potato flavour was just so intense.

In other news, allow us to introduce two new additions to our household here: Ozzy (grey) and Princess (tabby), brother and sister dynamic duo who were found dumped on the street, and rescued by a friend.  This mischievous pair are convinced that Megan is their No. 1 Human, because those other two spent the first week shoving worming medication down their throats!