The Georges in Peru

20 Years in Peru!

11 Feb 2020

Today marks 20 years since we arrived in Peru!  This is a picture of our first place before we had any furniture.  Someone loaned us a table and a high chair and for chairs we sat on our Action Packers.  It looks like a pretty bleak lunch of 7-Up and ketchup.  I know we had something else to eat.  Probably potatoes.  

At times it seems like yesterday and at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago.  We've seen people come to Christ (including last week through the medical assistance project), innumerable village medical trips, churches started, a hospital built, kids grow up and go to Germany and college, Amy go on to heaven, fellow missionaries come and go and Zach and Mary Beth join the family.  What will the next 20 years have for us? 

Join us as we thank God for both the good and the difficult.