The Georges in Peru

Architect for building

07 Nov 2018

This summer, Medical Ministries International of Peru bought a property to build a clinic for their physical therapy, optical and dental ministries.  I sit on their board of directors.  Before we can build the clinic, we need to design one that will have room for everything we desire and fit it in a 470 square-meter lot.  On October 10th, I was reading the Christian Medical and Dental Association's E-Pistle newsletter and there was a notice that a semi-retired architect named Ken Gray was offering his services to ministries around the world.  I quickly wrote him and told him the general characteristics of the project and he said he'd like to help us!  Monday he arrived and since then has toured our current rented facilities and seen our new property.  He has been making lots of measurements and looking at how similar projects have been done in Arequipa.  Today, we went to a physical therapy clinic for disabled children that had an exercise pool, but they don't use it because the plumbing doesn't work.  The person who built it designed it poorly and it can't be drained without calling the fire department to bring in their water pumps.  Story is, the builder took the money he was paid and disappeared! 

I guess we don't have to worry about Ken taking the money and disappearing, since he is doing this project for free as a ministry!  Pray that the final design will fit in space for all of the ministries we want in the land area that we have.