The Georges in Peru

Back in Line

07 Mar 2019

Thankfully, we didn't have to wait in this line today!  This is the office where Peruvians have to go to get their government IDs.  Schools start up in early March (Paul returned to school on Monday) and many people wait until the last minute to get their kids' IDs renewed when they expire.  You don't have to wait in line if you have money.  Many people go and wait in line and sell their spot for $1-3 when they get near the door.  Tomorrow, I have to go to the immigrations office and then the driver's license office, so I'll probably get my share of waiting in line then!

Where have the blog posts been?  We've been traveling!  After about 6000 miles of driving and 10,000 miles of flying, we are back in Peru!  Since we last wrote, we zig-zagged down through the States to visit churches and people on our way to Texas (sorry if we missed you!  We'll have much more time to see people in 2021!).  We took Mia to visit universities (Go Azusa!) in Los Angeles before leaving her with her Aunt Julie and Uncle Erik in San Antonio.

We were very encouraged back in Peru to see our church thriving despite our absence.  That was one of our top prayer requests while in North America.  God answered your prayers with nearly 90 people attending on Sunday!  (That's about twice as many as were attending when we left in December!)