The Georges in Peru

Back in Manitoba!

25 Sep 2020

Yesterday, we flew from Detroit to Winnipeg.  The airports were all fairly empty and getting through security never took more than 3 minutes.  The only delay we had was leaving Minneapolis, as Vice President Pence and his retinue were flying out on Air Force Two at the time we were scheduled to leave.  As we waited, 20 cars with flashing lights drove up to their jet, they boarded and off they went. 

There were only 20 people on our flight, so we had lots of room.  When we arrived, the immigrations official was pretty strict with us, as we were coming from America.  I had to show them our Peruvian marriage license with all of its official stamps and translations and we had to give them our plan for quaratining for the next 14 days.  Mary Beth's parents brought us a Honda Odyssey that Adrian and Zarah Fast loaned us for our time in Canada.  Without hugs, we drove to the Penners' house that they are remodeling in Blumenort to start our quarantine.  Linda stocked the kitchen with food and others have brought over books and instruments and scrapbooking materials to keep us occupied.  

You wouldn't think that being put under strict quarantine would be seen as a blessing, but it is!  I still have maybe an hour a day of mission emails to tend to, but otherwise there are no interruptions!  I figured out that it takes 8 laps around the perimeter of the property to reach a km, so I'll start my running program tomorrow, looking forward to getting a bit more scenery after October 9th.