The Georges in Peru

Birthing Piglets

08 Nov 2022

Life is an adventure.  The pastor’s wife, Rosita, and I (Mary Beth) went for a run down to the ocean this morning.  We touched the water just for fun and after we got back, we went to visit one of the ladies in our running club who had really wanted to come but couldn’t make it.  When we arrived we saw the reason why:  One of the sows on the farm she works at was giving birth.  The pig, a first time mother, had been experiencing contractions throughout the night and had been pushing for the last five hours.  She was really tired.  Two guys were there trying to pull out the first piglet.  The first one had no experience. “I grabbed its snout and pulled, but kept losing my grip.  I felt its teeth though,”  he said.   Another guy who had quite a bit of experience arrived.  “The first piglet’s really big,”  he said, “and it’s turned around”.  The first guy: “You mean, what I thought were teeth was really a hoof?” “Yup”!  

I looked at Rosita.  “I’ve never seen a sow giving birth before.”  Neither had she.  We were all praying the sow and her babies would survive, but I haven’t heard yet.