The Georges in Peru

Congratulations! Sarah and Zach!

15 May 2019

Sunday, Sarah and her husband Zach graduated from Wheaton College.  Sarah got her degree in biology and Zach in chemical physics.  They both plan on going to medical school after working for a year in Chicago.  They currently feel led to return to the mission field as medical missionaries when they finish their studies.  I'm proud of you, Sarah and Zach!

Ben joined us from Nebraska and Mia joined us from Texas.  The Kessler Grandparents joined us from South Dakota and Auntie Sandi came from Michigan to celebrate with us.  Paul and Mary Beth stayed in Peru to hold down the fort there (Paul had to go to school!). 

I'm fortunate to be home; My connecting flight to Orlando was rain delayed so I had to sprint through the airport hearing "Allen George, last call gate 90!" arriving as they were about to shut the door.  Luckily, that wing of the terminal was nearly empty and I could put all of my recent speed-work-training to good use!