The Georges in Peru


15 Nov 2017

Yesterday morning, I skyped Sarah for about 10 minutes just to chat so I was surprised when she called me again less than an hour later.  She showed me her hand.  There was a ring on her pinky finger!  Her boyfriend, Zach Davis, had just proposed to her!  Zach is a fellow missionary kid (MK) who grew up in Togo and Chad and whose parents now serve in Asia.  He is a wonderful young man and I couldn't be happier with her choice.  We spent three weeks traveling together last summer when we visited the USA and Canada, so I've gotten to know him.  Tradition at Wheaton College is engaged couples ring the bell in the church tower, but it seems that bureaucracy and busy schedules have delayed that for now.

They got the ring resized yesterday and it is now where it belongs on her ring finger!