The Georges in Peru

Everyone in the Family can Legally Drive!

30 Aug 2020

Thursday, Paul and I went early to the Saline County courthouse and found 12 people in line ahead of us but after only an hour's wait he passed his test and we walked out with his learner's permit!  Yay!

Friday and Saturday was our garage sale and we sold 75-80% of our things, so that made us happy.  Over 50% of the shoppers were Latinos, so we had lots of opportunities to speak Spanish over the two days.  Ben came over from Lincoln and Alice (Allen's sister) and Keith came from Omaha to help out, so it was a fun, mini family reunion.

Mary Beth went for a walk yesterday morning and decided to try jogging a little bit.  She decided to run from electrical pole to electrical pole, but after getting to the first one she felt so good she decided to run to the next one and then one more!  Her heart felt freer than ever before!