The Georges in Peru

It will take about an hour...

06 Dec 2018

A missionary couple here in Arequipa is returning to England and their Christian-materials ministry had a lot of books left over.  SIM is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and we are hosting a big event next Wednesday.  We decided to give each person attending a box of books!  After today's team meeting, I coaxed our missionaries to help redistribute approximately 12,000 books and an equal number of tracts between 80 boxes.  "If we have 10 people and each person packs 8 boxes in an hour, we'll be done in an hour, and I'll buy everyone lunch!"  Unfortunately, because of Peruvian law governing donations, we had to make a list of what each box contained.  That made a lot of extra work, despite printing out the packing list for each box before we even started working.  Even then it took us 3 hours!  But it will be worth it.  Each person will be getting a really nice set of books to further the Gospel here in Arequipa!