The Georges in Peru

Look! A Nebraska fan!

07 Sep 2016

This morning I took Juan (not his real name), a brother from our church that had his left leg amputated three years ago, to the hospital to decide if we need to amputate his right leg for non-healing wounds due to his bad circulation.  A friend's sister is in charge of the government-insured patients and she met us in the lobby and fast-tracked us to get Juan seen by a surgeon for his leg.  While waiting in the lobby, I saw someone wearing a Nebraska sweatshirt!  I went up to her and asked her where she got it and she gave the usual reply, "I got it from a used clothing store."  She didn't have any idea we had won 43-10 on Saturday.  Someday I hope to meet someone who will tell me that her uncle in Nebraska got her shirt for her.

The doctor had seven(!) medical students shadowing him this morning.  I amazed them with one of Juan's Xrays because you can see all of his arteries because they are calcified like plastic pipes.  I fear he will have to have his right foot amputated to keep from dying of gangrene.  Pray that we can find him the best care possible.

I really liked this surgeon.   He treated Juan well and treated his medical students well.  I think one's character is shown by how he treats those ranked below him.