The Georges in Peru

Monday update

10 Aug 2020

Tomorrow marks two weeks since surgery.  Mary Beth is getting faster on her walks and can do more things for herself.  Today she went shopping with us, using the electric cart at Walmart.   To help with post-op pain, the surgeon did cryoablation of her intercostal nerves in her chest.  That's fancy talk for the doctor froze her nerves so it wouldn't hurt so much after the surgery.  Some of those nerves are starting to wake up now and when they do, Mary Beth feels like they announce their presence with shooting stars of pain.  In some patients, the nerves never wake up leaving large numb areas, so Mary Beth feels this is a good thing long-term.

We are so glad we were able to get out of Peru when we did, as this week's flight was postponed indefinitely.  We have several missionary friends that were planning on leaving on this flight.