The Georges in Peru

Nothing going on in Peru

22 Mar 2020

People have been asking how we are doing, so I thought I better write an update.  I don't have any pictures.  I guess I could show streets without cars taken from our rooftop.  We can't drive our SUV under threat of having my license taken away and the SUV impounded.  We actually aren't supposed to leave the house except for Wednesdays and Saturdays to buy food.  We had 10 kg of potatoes delivered to our house this morning.  There is plenty of food for sale in our neighborhood store.  One can't buy alcohol which makes me wonder about alcoholics going into withdrawal and no hospital willing to treat them.  Coronavirus cases might be dropping in Peru; we'll find out in a few more days.  This morning, we had church via internet, watching Christ Community Church's service ( at 9 and then the Blumenort Community Church's service at 10:30.  Since we can't run outdoors, I've been doing sit-ups and pushups and going up and down the stairs of our 3-story home.  I've been losing weight despite not running.  All my patients are virtual now.  They either message me or call.  Mary Beth is happy to finally relax after the camp season.  Paul is bored and improving his juggling skills.  I've taken up guitar.  Mary Beth and the kids are playing piano.  I hope to get a lot of continuing medical education done too.  Mia is still doing classes online from Azusa Pacific U.  We're playing lots of board games and skyping often.  Most of my meetings are being held on Skype or Zoom.  I'm finding plenty to do!