The Georges in Peru

Open House January 27th

17 Jan 2019

If you are in the Omaha area on January 27th, please stop by Christ Community Church for an open house!  Feel free to drop in anytime from 12:15 pm to 2 pm in the accordian-door rooms off of the kitchen (D126/D127) to meet Mary Beth, hear about our ministries in Peru and get a couple of bocaditos (snacks).

Yesterday, we crossed back into the USA from Manitoba after lengthy questioning from the border-control agent.  We think because there was no line and he was bored, an American and Canadian with Peruvian kids was the most interesting thing he had seen that afternoon.  After confiscating our lone clementine orange he let us in.  

We had a great visit with the Talleys (residency classmate) in Grand Forks before heading on to Fargo to stay with Amy's brother's family.  The temperatures are already warmer, though it didn't feel like it today when we toured NDSU campus where Mike (Amy's brother) is the dean of the engineering department. 

In front of the Bison.  Pronounced, "Bye-zin".  Don't call it a 'Buffalo'!