The Georges in Peru

Paul's Baptism!

23 Oct 2016

Today Paul was baptized in the same natural spring that Ben and Mia were baptized in a couple of years ago.  The whole church and several missionary colleagues came out to celebrate with us for Paul's big day.  I had the privilege of preaching before the baptism and to be at Paul's side when he got baptised.  

photo by Ben George

Afterwards, we had a picnic.  Our pastor brought out a grill and enough food to feed an army was cooked.  I liked the corn-shuck basting brush!  Amazingly enough, all the food seemed to disappear.  Praise God that all four of my kids have taken this step of obedience!

Taught to ride bikes.  Check.  Taught to swim.  Check.  Taught piano.  Check.  Accepted Christ and got baptized.  Check.  I guess I'm done parenting!  I can coast on in from here on!