The Georges in Peru

Quick Teamwork

26 Nov 2018

I (Mary Beth) heaved a sigh of relief when I saw my friend Cinthya come to meet me at the door of the Christian school where I was supposed to give my missions talk Saturday afternoon.  Running a bit late, I hoped I was early enough to get the needed materials onto the tables before the event started in 10 minutes.  She led me past a few parked cars into a gym buzzing with life as people put a last-minute coat of paint on the railings and walls.  There was a pick-up truck in the middle of the space where I expected to see tables and chairs, and people were swarming everywhere trying to scramble the event together.  Hmm, not quite what I had anticipated, but I rolled up my sleeves and got ready to help.  In half-an-hour the place was transformed.  Desks had been taken out of classrooms and grouped together.  Fancy flag center-pieces had been strategically placed.  The scaffolding had been put back onto the truck, which was successfully (after a few tries) started and manoeuvred out of the gym area.  Flag banners appeared from nowhere and a world map was stuck on the wall behind the stage.  The last thing to get working was, of course, the technology.  The projector didn’t have a cable to hook it up with the sound system.  In spite of this slight delay, they started the event only 1 hour late and it went very well. 

Afterwards, one of the church leaders said “I never gave much thought to missions before.  In all truth, I didn’t think it was very important, but you have opened my eyes.” Another person asked, “Do you really think it’s possible for us Latinos to be involved in missions?”, “For sure!” I answered.  “We have several Peruvian missionaries with SIM as we speak!”  What a great opportunity.  Thank you, God.

The venue at 2:37 pm.  It was scheduled to start at 2:30 pm!

Ready to go at 3:14 pm!