The Georges in Peru

Sleeping on the Floor

10 Apr 2016

Amy hasn't been able to eat at the dinner table for a couple of days, but since she was doing a bit better yesterday afternoon, we decided to have her try sitting at the table with the family again.  It didn't work:  She kept reaching for things (she can't see hardly anything), dragging her hands through her food and would have knocked many things on the floor if it were not for Mia's cat-like reflexes.  So it looks like were done with sitting at the table unless she rebounds markedly.

Last night she was hallucinating and yelling and hitting me again.  When I say 'hitting me', she's not clenching a fist and punching me, but her arms flail a lot during the night and she smacks me in the face over and over.  At 1 am I finally gave up on hoping that she was almost asleep and would stop soon and I moved to a camping mattress on the floor.  She continued to talk and yell, but I could sleep a bit better through her yelling than getting smacked in the head.