The Georges in Peru

Spartan Obstacle Course Clinic

06 Oct 2018

In the past, I've wanted to enter an obstacle course race, but there has never been one that fit my schedule.  Since they are growing in popularity in Peru I might get my chance, but for now I'll just have medical campaigns. 

Today we had a medical campaign in a poor part of Arequipa.  When I arrived, the community building where we were going to see patients was locked and no one could find the keys.  We considered seeing patients outside and started setting up the equipment.  I noticed that the window to the bathroom was open.  "Can't we just go in through there?" I asked.  "No, the inside door will be locked too," was the reply from David the one directing the event.  When he wasn't looking, I pulled myself up to look into the window and could see a large stack of chairs greeting me on the inside.  Since it was the bathroom, I could easily hold onto the top edge of the stall and crawl down.  Thankfully, the door wasn't locked and I could let everyone in to have our clinic.