The Georges in Peru

Three Boys, Unsupervised

19 Sep 2016

This afternoon we said 'good bye' to Mia and she boarded a plane with classmates and a teacher for Lima.  As I write this, her jet should be escaping the surly grasp of the earth and hurtling towards Amsterdam on her way to begin her 3-month student exchange program in Germany through her school.  Yes, if you've done the math you see that we boys are home alone.  We can now slurp with our straws, forget dusting furniture and eat over the sink instead of setting the table.  Okay, maybe just the slurping, which we need to do to shatter the silence that pervades our home without any girls here to do the talking!  Pray that Mia learns a lot and that she gets along well with her new family (they served as missionaries and the father is a surgeon, so Mia should fit in with their girls just fine!).

I did my best to prepare her by playing German board games in our dining room with a picture of Germany on the wall.  She's ready.