The Georges in Peru


13 Apr 2016

Today Amy woke up a bit more conversant than usual, but still quite confused most of the time and her speech is so slurred she is hard to understand.  She even commented on her own speech.  "I sound like a frog!"  

The Reuters, former hospice nurses-turned missionaries, came and sat with her for a couple of hours around midday and also got her a sippy cup from their stash as grandparents to help her drink without spilling on herself.  She ate two bites of waffle at breakfast and a small portion of Aunt Edith's Apple Cobbler (we don't know who Aunt Edith is either) for lunch.  She doesn't seem to be in much pain, except she complains of her neck being sore whenever we move her.  During lunch another missionary, Sue Querfeld, came and sat with her so the rest of us could eat together as a family.  Thanks to all three of you for your help!