The Georges in Peru

Wedding Time!

02 Oct 2017

No, not our wedding!  Saturday, Mary Beth and I went to the wedding of a friend of hers that she met through her camp ministry.  Since we've been planning our own wedding for the end of December, we took special notice of how things are done here and how our own wedding will look.  After seven hours at this event (and we left before the cake was served!) our North American brains spent a lot of time ruminating about how to speed things up!  This wedding had a bit of excitement when the newlyweds sat down to eat and an angry and/or crazy woman entered and knocked their food onto them before being dragged out screaming and kicking!  We never did find out who she was.  For our wedding I think I'd prefer the custom of pinning money on the newlyweds.  Or handing out bottles of Inca Cola and Coca Cola to all of the visitors.