The Georges in Peru

Would you like me to clean your house for you?

31 Aug 2016

I must admit that I don't keep the house as clean as it used to be while Amy was alive.  Part of the reason is that it's just hard to get it all done sometimes.  Another reason is that we had a woman come and clean twice a week before, but since I don't want to be alone in the house with a woman, I've nixed that plan.  At the moment we are putting in ceramic tiles in my bedroom and the office and it has made the house especially dusty and cluttered by things that had to be moved out of the way to put down the floor.

This morning I went swimming and got stuck in traffic coming home (I would have gotten home much quicker walking the whole way).  A patient had arrived 40 minutes early for her appointment and was waiting at the door when I got home so I let her in without a chance to tidy up a bit for the day's events.  I mentioned a while back that many patients bring food as a token of their appreciation for the free medical care.  Today, after looking around, she offered to come and clean the house!  I told her thanks, but my kids are old enough to help clean now.  I'm sure they won't like that I rejected her offer!

New tiles going in.  The blue post-it® notes mark freshly laid tiles that can't be stepped on yet.