The Georges in Peru

No Deficits!!

09 Dec 2015

6:27 pm. I'm in the room with Amy right now and am glad to report that she is doing great!  She can talk fine, move her arms and legs with normal strength and despite the surgeon saying she would certainly have a hemianopsia, she can see just fine in all directions!  She's hungry and they are bringing up some food.   I'm incredibly thankful as you can imagine. 

Surgery is over

09 Dec 2015

Dr. Puccioni just came out to say that the surgery went well.  He was able to remove as much tumor as he could see. He thinks it is tumor however.  She is still asleep so they haven't been able to test her motor functions yet.  Pray that she won't have any deficits when she wakes up. 

Closing now

09 Dec 2015

A sign on the wall I the waiting room says 'closing now'.  3:53 pm. Not 'closing now, please go home' but 'closing the incision we're done'!

So far so good

09 Dec 2015

Sorry. Things are a bit upside down right now! (2:15 pm) I am in the waiting room at Clarkson with some friends. Surgery started at a bit after noon and should last 4 to 5 hours. We just had an update from the OR saying that things are going fine. Thanks for praying! 

Surgery tomorrow!

08 Dec 2015

"Are you anxious about your surgery,"  I asked as we went for a walk around Zorinsky Lake yesterday.  "No.  I just want to get it over with!"  She's almost there.  Amy's surgery has been moved up yet another hour (she said it must be all those people in the Ambassador class praying for her), now scheduled for 11 am tomorrow.  My sister, Alice, is going to help on the home front with the kids while I'm in the waiting room.  Thanks for your continued prayers.

Surgery Time Change

03 Dec 2015

I just got a call from the neurosurgeon's office and they have moved Amy's surgery up two hours!  It is now scheduled for 12 pm instead of 2 pm on Wednesday the 9th.  This means that her surgery shouldn't be running into a shift change or when people are wanting to head home from work, which is good!

Ugh! I'll have to take PE!

28 Nov 2015

There are all sorts of complications when one is a teenage girl who gets stuck in the country of her parents longer than expected.  Mia anounced, "Ugh!  I'll have to take all of those classes that I scheduled for next semester when I thought we wouldn't be here!"


26 Nov 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you had a great day of giving thanks with friends and family.  We went to Crete, NE to visit Allen's sister Carolyn.  She organized a 'Turkey Trot' which went on despite the miserable weather.  Only 8 people started.  Only 4 people ran the four miles around the section.  But we felt like we earned our feast.


Carolyn (red) and Sarah crossing the finish line with Carolyn's husband Neal and daughter Andrea.


Amy's been having a lot of headaches and we hope that surgery makes them stop.  Waiting patiently.

Surgery time

23 Nov 2015

Amy was initially told that her surgery would be at 4 pm on December 9th at UNMC and that it would take 4 to 8 hours.  We envisioned tired surgeons and nurses working until midnight, wanting to go home, yet needing to delicately remove tumor from fibers of Amy's brain that control movement on her L side of her body and her vision.  We decided that we'd prefer an earlier start on a later date, so I called the office to see if we could reschedule.  When I called, she said that the surgery is now scheduled for 2 pm (We have to go in at noon) and is expected to be done in 4 hours.  Okay.  That sounds reasonable.

Amy has gone several days without a seizure, but is still having lots of headaches and taking lots of tylenol, which usually helps.  Going for a swim or a run tend to help her headaches too.  Sarah is coming home tomorrow night, and Amy's parents will join us the next day to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  I may sound deluded saying so, but we have so much to be thankful for.  We've already gotten 8 more years than we expected when she was diagnosed in 2004 for starters!  Thanks for praying!


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