A heart for france

Day 3 - Prayer for France

07 Nov 2014

International Mission Board

3806 Monument Ave.

Richmond, VA 23230-0767

Thank you for such good portraits. These ressemble people I have met over the years.


Although it is the stuff of operas and novels, surviving as an artist in Paris is not an easy life. Jean-Marc has experienced this reality for years with the depression and loneliness that it brings. While living from one artistic endeavor to the next, he is constantly seeking that one big break that will launch him into the real fame and money that the art world can offer.

When he is not alone at work in his cramped studio, he can be found down the street in a dark bar. He is there drinking and talking with his artist friends into the early morning hours, all of them with their own depressing stories to share. If you had a chance to talk with Jean-Marc about faith, he would interrupt you quickly to let you know he is an atheist, hoping to put an end to the conversation. It’s not that he has thought through the matter. It is just what he has been told throughout his schooling.

Pray for the artists of Paris like Jean-Marc. Pray that the Creator would reveal himself to these creative people which He loves so dearly. Pray that a church community would arise for artists of all kinds where they can share hope, joy and encouragement as well as express their faith to the city through their creative gifts."


There are several Christian artistic associations working among and encouraging artists. France is a great country for respecting artists, even if it remains difficult to make a living from it. In our Ardèche area, there are many artists; crafty people!! It's cheaper to live here, and the natural beauty and calm can be conducive to creativity.


Artists also have a heightened spirituality: but don't often hear about Christ in a way that meets them where they are at. Pray for Christians to work outside of their traditional moulds.