A heart for france

Pray for France - Day 1

07 Nov 2014

International Mission Board

3806 Monument Ave.

Richmond, VA 23230-0767

I borrowed their mini-portraits in their prayer effort for France. Very well written.


"Lisa and her family moved to the city of Marseille for work opportunities for her and her husband, Frank. They work, shop, and take their kids to school all in the same neighborhood, trusting the comforts of local experience. Marseille is now home, but rarely a day passes where she does not hear about the violence, drugs, and underworld that permeate her city, especially at the youth level. She worries that her family cannot stay long in this city.

Some studies say that nearly 34% of students in Marseille will use drugs and a third of those will deal in drugs. Far too many deaths in Marseille are premature and violent. Throughout the southern region, unemployment sits around 18%, meaning opportunities are hard to find and many families feel stuck in their situations, desperate for help. There is not a church in Lisa’s neighborhood, and the thought of God as a protector, refuge, or guide has never really crossed her mind.

Pray families like Lisa’s in Southern France would hear about the hope found in Christ. Pray that lives in Southern France would be transformed through repentance and a life devoted to God."