A heart for france

Day 5 - Pray for France

07 Nov 2014

International Mission Board

3806 Monument Ave.

Richmond, VA 23230-0767

Thanks again to this mission for these realistic portraits:

"On the train to his hometown for vacation, Enzo eagerly awaits seeing his family and friends. Through the window, he marvels at the landscape of southwestern France. Medieval castles dot the hillsides and rivers snake their way into hidden valleys. These views remind him of the long heritage he has in this area and of the regional pride he feels every time he gets to tell people where he is from.

Even though, like many people, he moved away for school and work, he returns as often as possible. Here he finds his true friends, the ones he has had since he was in preschool and grade school. These are the people in which he really confides and leans on for support. Such friendship is not easily reproducible later in life.  

Please pray for the many people in France who are looking for community but do not even know it.  Pray that they will find community with the few believers they might run into. Pray that the kingdom of God becomes a tangible and welcoming community throughout the Southwest and France"


My husband and I are discovering just how hard it is for our Christian community to develop a sense of community and to be open to new people with different ideas and culture. Please pray for us as we lead them on to what we call the Vitality Pathway.