A heart for france

Day 6 Praying for France

09 Nov 2014

Thanks again to IMB for these realistic portraits. I meet young people like this every day and the young people of our church are part of this group (except with an idea of the Gospel and a knowledge of the choice they have to make.)

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"Elodie sits in her room and scans through her twitter feed, half-noticing the music videos playing on her television. She is appalled at the constant polarization of politics in her country. From election to election it seems France swings from right to left and back. Always extremes. Always debates. Always outcries that the country is crumbling. She knows the issues: immigration, taxes, retirement, gay marriage, wages… She knows her parents consistently hold conservative viewpoints, but has never understood why. She wonders if it may have something to do with the Catholicism to which her grandparents ascribed.

When Elodie’s phone buzzes she gives a quick response to her friends, promising to come join the evening hike as soon as her typical Sunday family luncheon ends.

Pray for the new generations of France, who are growing up without the religion of their grandparents and without the political conviction of their parents. Pray for central France, a loosely populated area known for agriculture and a slower pace of life. There are few churches within impacting distance of most people in the center. The people in central France are slow to change and weary of outsiders, but this region has influence throughout France."