A heart for france

Day 7 - Pray for France

09 Nov 2014

Thanks to IMB for these realistic portraits.

Bretagne and Normandy are real spiritual deserts. I am part of the Women's Christian movement: Femmes 2000 and our sisters from these departments (and they are few) often express loneliness and fatigue linked to the struggle to bring the Gospel to these areas.


The National Council of French Evangelicals has launched a church-planting campaign over the next 10 years: aim: 1 Evangelical church for 10,000 people.


"Like every morning, Nicolas walks into his small protestant chapel on the rocky Bretagne coastline today at 8am. He opens the door, sits down at his desk with a warm cup of tea and opens his Bible. He hopes that today someone may visit, ready to hear about the grace of God found in Christ. But he is also downtrodden by hundreds of days of experience that tells him no one will come. He longs to see his fellow Bretons come to know Christ, but they are spread vast and wide in tiny villages, and their culture has taught them that the church is an institution not to be trusted.

Pray for Nicolas and his church to become a light for their community. Pray for the villagers of the west region to come in contact with Christ. In the West there are less than 3 churches for every 100,000 people. Most villages have less than 5000 people. Pray for new communities of faith to begin all over the region."

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