A heart for france


07 Jun 2015

No time to write - too busy being busy !!


May - our Church Union's Synod. Lots of talk on the Vitality Pathway which I'm helping to put into place.

- organising the translation of the Vitality material

- preparation for my home assignment in Australia

- Vitality work in our church

- Christian counselling big time with a particularly difficult situation to accompany

- did manage to finish some spring-cleaning tasks :)


June - Next training session for the Evangelism Sub-Committee of the Union.

- as much of the material possible to be translated and the powerpoint presentations to be re-worked

- preparation for my home assignment in Australia

- all my kids have final exams for this last stage of their particular level in education

- and the garden ?  No way ... although a couple of friends have given a helping hand.


In all of this, prayer is undergirding the activism so that it's not just activism. There is a purpose in this work. Praying for an open mind and spirit to be lead by the Spirit. May Your Kingdom come ....