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Meeting people where they are at ...

06 Apr 2015

Hope everybody had a special Easter weekend. We attended an ecumenical Good Friday service where P preached and I read 2 prayers at the local Catholic Church. Only one other member of our church attended....


Another important event this weekend was the depart of No. 2 son on a 3 week trip to Oz. He's safely arrived and welcomed into the bosom of the family; had first kangaroo sighting on the way home from the airport ! And hooked up with No. 1 son who came to join him on his Easter break from Uni. So we have No.3 at home with us and are experiencing the beginnings of 'empty nest'.... And this is when many Christian parents hope they have shared enough of their faith for their children to continue on the journey themselves. And where we pray that the Lord will meet them where they are at and continue to call them to follow Him.


Isn't that the essence of mission work ? Meeting people where they are at and sharing about our understanding of a wonderful God who gave Himself entirely in order to save us individually ?


Many know of Nick Vujicic - this Youtube interview is now circulating on F/bk. I really appreciated it because the interviewer has some very intelligent questions and because Nick meets her where she is at. He hardly speaks of God and Christ in our conventional Evangelical way, but his language is accessible to the interviewer and her audience. It's masterful, respectful and gives the right info. This is also true missionary work and I thank God for people with such ability.



We are accompanying several people on their faith discovery journey. Pray we can 'speak their language' and help them to connect with God. He will meet them where they are at.