A heart for france

End of an era

09 Jul 2014

Last Sunday we held a special service for our young people. They are leaving the area to pursue studies and work options and we will no longer be able to coordinate regular activities for them. We hope to take them along to different youth gatherings and there are 3 weekends in perspective.

Our message for them: we did what we could to transmit our faith to them; we didn't always do it well, but we love them, are proud of them and of all that they have contributed over the last 7 years and we have prayed for them: which we will continue to do. Have we sown enough ? Only God knows what will develop. We also encouraged them to continue to explore the Christian faith and to be open to expressing their faith in different ways to us. Also to let God surprise and amaze them. He can't be stuck in a box!

It was a special time: not something that our church members are used to doing and certainly not standing around holding hands! so we were pleased to see them being able to do things differently.

May God take care of them.

On a personal note, our eldest son is returning to Australia for a year's study to get his Bachelor of Business Studies. His Bachelor will be recognised in France and in Australia. We are very grateful for this chance. Pray that God will use this wonderful experience to help him grow in his faith.