A heart for france

Millenium generation

01 Jul 2014

Have been so busy with end of school year activities and wind up and juggling with all the kids being back home. So scrolling through Facebook, I found this post. It will well and truly keep you busy reading and reflecting on our current generation and its relationship to institutionalised church.
I am very grateful for the way Frank Powell has described the generation and the problem with church life today in many churches. In a nutshell, his description fits our current situation and why we have to do something about it. I'm going to translate it to try and spur on the necessary changes. I'm also part of a team in our Union of churches who are going to accompany the Vitality Pathway (from Grace Covenant Churches in USA) adapted to our French context. It's a bit of the unknown and an exciting move. I just pray our own church will agree to go down that road.

Anyway, here's the link: think of us as you read it and PLEASE PRAY!