A heart for france

Gay marriage and gender choice debates in France

29 May 2013

I'm posting a commentary written by Lauren Moore who is also an Aussie missionary working in France. She sums up a very worrying situation and I'm grateful for her perspective. I'm really worried at the way government is operating here and rough shod decisions and lack of correct, informed, public, intelligent and respectful debate. Even if our rôle as Christians is primarily to proclaim the Kingdom of God and not to try and impose our way of living and believing (if not, we would be practising the equivalent of the sharia - think about it!), we do have a rôle to play in stating our beliefs and explaining why we understand things in that way - we have to be an alternative voice.


"The gay marriage debate is officially over in France last week, but yesterday the protests continued. There have been 3 major protests, gathering Catholics, Protestants and non-believers alike, to protest against the law to allow gay marriage and same sex couples right to adoption. There is also a change in the education system, to teach children that there is NO difference between male & female, that gender means nothing. (I promise I'm not exaggerating). Despite the protests being massive (hundreds of thousand up to millions of protesters gathered in Paris), nothing has been heard. Literally nothing in any of the articles of these laws have been stopped. Gay marriage, same-sex adoption, and the teaching that there is no gender have all been passed."