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Grains of Hope

03 May 2013

Good luck to you French-speakers!

Here is the video clip created to promote a year-long collection of meditations on the theme of "May Your Kingdom Come". I contributed to this effort with one humble offering (those of you who heard me in Australia would have heard something on 1 Cor 15: 36-58).


This collection was prepared for the 3-day Conference I helped with early April with 220 women from 30 different countries participating. We had such a blessed time. In the different sessions that addressed the theme what transpired the most was the fact that the Kingdom of God is advancing inexorably. One of the features of the conference was the chance several women had to share "Seeds of the Kingdom", in other words, ministries they were involved in (and had often started with one very small step of obedience) and that were the sign that the Kingdom of God was truly gaining ground.

A wonderful, rich time.