A heart for france

God is in charge

06 Jun 2013

"God holds the high center,

he sees and sets the world's mess right.

He decides what is right for us earthlings,

gives people their just deserts."        Psalm 9: 7,8 The Message

Last Sunday in our Junior High School Bible class (we call it the catechism in our church - same word as for the Catholics!) we continued to look at why the Bible is such a rich source of life for us. We calculated the time we spend in front of various screens and then how much time per day we would need to read through the Bible in one year. The challenge then is : 10 minutes a day : which book of the Bible do you choose to get through and then see how long it takes. One chose Genesis, the other Revelation (we only have 2 in this group) and they chose the Psalms for me to do. For the moment we are staying disciplined and getting through our time allotment! And I'm reading the Psalms in The Message because it makes me think about what is really being said. I'm re-discovering ideas and thoughts I'd forgotten and given our social context (gay marriage, gender theory in schools, corruption etc) some of these psalms pack a punch! I find it very reassuring to be reminded that the Lord is Sovereign and will bring about full justice in his time. A challenge for me to be ready and to have encouraged as many as possible to do the same.