A heart for france

Holidays are over !

05 Aug 2013

We had a pleasant 3 weeks, staying in our home, enjoying the garden and the things that our lovely Ardèche area of France offers to holiday makers (of which there are 1000s at this time!)

Now back to work.

The following quote comes from a Catholic Christian magazine editorial, but dates from 28th August, 2008. I'd obviously kept it (found it while sorting out all those papers you accumulate...) because it rang true for me. And now I've re-read it (should I keep it? throw it out?) it still rings true. Here's an extract:


The famous French angst is probably rooted in a kind of anguish at the thought of failure, a contradictory fear of the future which leads straight to disillusionment. It's the same in all areas of life: economics, psychology, in one's private life as in public life. We have forgotten the road to confidence and trust. Obviously, there is much to be anxious about [....] But maybe our good resolution for the return to work and school should be to stop this spiral of lack of confidence. And to put into motion that which struggles to exist in each of us. Let's try to find the naïve freshness of faith, this simplicity which allows us to be open to the beauty of things around us. In other words, the capacity to be amazed.

Jean-Pierre Denis

Editor, La Vie magazine.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday a team of 12 French missionaries are contacting holiday makers here in Lamastre, inviting them to speak about their ideas on God, inviting them to a concert Tuesday night and an art exhibition Wed and Thurs. Please pray we can speak to those who are seeking, plant the seeds of faith, encourage those who have lost faith and be part of God's touch on their lives.