A heart for france

Great weekend

28 May 2012

It wasn't quite like the film "4 Weddings and a Funeral"; but there were elements of that!

Saturday Pascal co-hosted a wedding blessing with the local Catholic priest in our church. It was a mixed marriage!

Saturday evening, I spoke to our Youth Group about Mission (am fairly well placed to speak on that subject!! ;) )

Sunday morning I replaced a man who has just become a father for the 4th time and took the teens' group for Bible Study. That was fun as well, because we are teaching them to use the Bible, indexes and concordances to find verses which explain and justify their faith. Very satisfying to see them becoming more and more familiar with the Word.

Sunday afternoon we went to be with one of our parishioners whose neighbour died after a long illness. The other neighbours and family had organised a get together to sprinkle his ashes on his beloved peony garden. We had never been able to meet this man, and we are pretty sure he died without accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour, so our friend was saddened not just by the loss, but by the lostness of his soul.

As her husband said (and he should have been challenged by all of this since he has been baptised as a believer, but has now given up on his faith), "Nous sommes peu de choses" - "We don't amount to anything much". Yes, and no. We are so insignificant in terms of the size of the world and the number of people in it, but we are infinitely precious in God's eyes - so precious that He sent His only Son to take our punishment so we may have abundant life.