A heart for france

femmes 2000 continued

25 Jun 2012

Thank you for praying.

It was a full and blessed day. 500 women were challenged to see the Spirit of God at work in a different way, using different words, and none were indifferent to the music, dance, theatre sketch, artists exhibitions, mission information and especially to our conference speaker. She helped us to see how letting the Spirit (the Breath of life) work in and through us is the key to renewing and improving our relationships.

Tatyana held her first public showing of her creations and we had to keep convincing her to sell them instead of giving them away! She had to at least cover her costs!

The symbolic gesture was designed to help the women note down the names of those with whom she would like to renew or restore the relationship. The post-it hearts were placed on the logo and then our committee prayed generally for those relationships and burned them afterwards to ensure privacy. It was a special moment.


Our mission even had a stand to promote SIM, our call to mission, to support missionaries, to experiment with short term commitments and to see missionaries like me !