A heart for france

Some wear different hats; I have different bags!

09 Oct 2013

This is my desk. One of the wonderful advantages of this manse is that my husband and I have a room big enough for a proper office and both our desks.


You can see that I'm definitely an active person. But note all the bags around this desk. I have a system - all my different activities go into their own bag. So I can grab the correct bag, and my handbag, without messy transfers where you always forget something, and run!

Featured in today's picture: Youth Group, Teens Bible study/catechism, arts and crafts bag (which shouldn't be there in fact - should have put it away in the cupboard!), bag of material to give back to my sister-in-law (whom we never really get to see), African material bag (for I don't know what event ... someone returned it to me recently), 2 filing cabinets, computer bag, box of papers to file. The Ladies' group stuff is in the bookshelves, current articles 'under construction' are on the desk, as are the current reading material and current files, and listening material I want to copy for others.

I know women are into multi-tasking, but maybe this is carrying it a little too far!

Pray for discernment and that we can be encouraging others to develop their skills and capacities.

Nearly forgot to mention that the pile of ironing was at my feet as I took the photo!