A heart for france

The Thinker - angelic version

17 Oct 2013

Tatyana, the Ukrainian lady who is very artistic and very evangelical, gave me this angel as a gift after her time in the Ukraine.


Her reason? "This looks like you, thinking hard about what you could be organising for Lamastre ! "(meaning evangelical and outreach activities).


I may not be an angel, but I do think hard about what we could be doing to open up the way for people to hear about the Lord God. Sometimes, I don't even have to think hard - the ideas come as I wake up or go to sleep and I have to write them down as quickly as possible so as not to forget them.


The next stage is the hardest - praying about the ideas and being patient in waiting for the Lord to direct. Then 'selling' the idea in order to build a team, getting it past the Church Council, having their approval and understanding.


The easiest bit is the actual organising.


My latest idea - organising a St Valentine's Day dinner for couples - firstly in our church, then for so many others whom we know. The French Alpha Course organisation has a package we could use. As a Christian Counsellor and pastor's wife, I'm in touch with so many heartbreaking stories of couples breaking up that I have a real burden to organise things that will help couples.


Please pray with me that this idea can come to fruition.