A heart for france

Somewhere in Australia ...

26 Aug 2012

Hi everybody !

Sorry about the long silence.

I arrived in Melbourne Airport last Friday and my uncle was picking me up. Suddenly he said "It's Friday and it's Melbourne!" I looked at him sideways wondering why he had said that and he replied - "Well, you have moved around so much, I thought you needed help remembering where you are and what day it is!"

Bless him ! he's right. In the last 3 months I've been to England, London, Paris, Lamastre (our home), Brisbane and Maleny (where my parents live), Sydney (SIM Home Office and my sister), Melbourne, now Hamilton (my home church) and Warrnambool in the Western District of Victoria. All this alone or in the company of various members of my family

.speaking at Hamilton Baptist

Yes, folks ! this is Home Assignment where missionaries try and contact as many of the partners in their work as possible and even have the privilege of meeting new people and introducing their ministry to these people.

I'm particularly busy because my time in Australia is limited to 2 months. It's very hard to make new contacts and start new relationships in that time, so I rely heavily on my family and friends here to help me, as well as the SIM home staff. But it's stimulating and can be encouraging. It makes me realize how passionate I am about what I'm doing in France and why we keep plodding on (with Pascal, my husband, in his 2 pastoral roles). We just love the French people and have such a heart to share the riches of our faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Praying for :

* that all the technical stuff works!

* that I can meet new people who would become partners in this ministry

* that our French churches grow in spiritual maturity, reaching out to their community and sharing the Gospel in the most appropriate ways. We are particularly praying for 14 new people in our Lamastre church.

* for my husband and 3 teens as they go on without me, especially for the first week of September which is the start of the new school year.