A heart for france

On the road again ...

14 Aug 2012

Sorry for the long silence, but I've been on the road - quite widely travelled this time!

In the first half of July, my daughter and I went to England to catch up with friends, but especially to see my parents singing in their excellent amateur choir as part of a European tour and competition in an Eisteddford. We also did lots of tourism in a spic and span London (after the Queen's Jubilee and before the Olympic Games).

Then my husband and our boys joined us in Paris, again to hear the choir, and to show them this legendary city. We were privileged to be there for 14th July celebrations as well.

Return to our home for 2 weeks well-earned rest for my parents, and preparation for my departure to Australia with them. I have 2 whole months away for home assignment.

I miss my family, but have been able to spend 3 weeks with my parents in Queensland. Will soon head for Sydney (19/8-24/8). My time will mainly be spent in Victoria 24/8-30/9). You can contact me via this blog if you want details and to catch up with me in person.

Have you heard about the Victorian SIM World Day ? Follow this link for more information. A vital day for information on missions as a supporter or a potential candidate. Follow this link : http://www.sim.org.au/news/n/put-this-date-in-your-diary-8-september-2012-120807/nc/General_News/pg/1

The following article will give you an idea of the background to my ministry in France.: http://www.religiontoday.com/blog/what-nobody-is-saying-about-france.html